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Thank you for visiting the official FlexBelts.org website. This page of our site is here to inform you on the history and evolution of the Ab Belt market, and to show you why we believe that the best EMS Ab Belt available is The Flex Belt®... We believe that The Flex Belt® is the Ferrari of this category. That's why celebrities, pro athletes and millions of others love it.

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In the 1960s Soviet sports scientists applied EMS in the training of elite athletes & Olympians and claimed a 40% increase in muscle strength. The technology reached the West and in 1972 the Medical Advisory Committee cleared the devices as part of an acceptable training method for all Olympic athletes and it has become a staple for both Olympic and Professional Athletes.

Today, EMS technology has advanced to portable devices that can be used by the consumer for use at home to train various body parts for strength, endurance, and to assist with recovery. Once EMS devices were sold to the public, the most popular became EMS Ab Belts designed to specifically target the stomach region. Obviously this was a big hit because who doesn't want to have an easy way to tighten, tone and strengthen their stomach. The abdominal area is without doubt the most common area on the body that people would like to be attractive.

Ab Belts really came about in the early 2000s and once marketers got wind of a trend and market to go after, several companies developed the cheapest Ab Belts they could get manufactured and sold them in the masses. The problem was that these belts were of very poor quality, not engineered well, and were not powerful enough to produce results for the consumer.

With hundreds of thousands of upset customers, the FTC got involved and regulated the claims that companies were making about their cheap Ab Belts. Three abdominal belt companies in particular were investigated and sued by the FTC for making unsubstantiated claims, such as 'weight loss' and getting 'rock hard abs without exercising or needing to diet'. Obviously companies like these three and others gave the Ab Belt market a bad reputation:
  • Ab Energizer and their marketers collectively paid over $2 million, $1.4 million of it to consumers, in 2005.
  • Fast Abs was forced out of business, and paid over $5 million for consumer redress and governmental fines, in 2003.
  • AbTronic and their marketers were found liable for $83 million, were required to repatriate, and turn over all foreign assets, in 2003.
***Additionally, other abdominal belt companies were taken off the market.

And Then A Quality and Effective Ab Belt Was Introduced into the Ab Belt Market...The Flex Belt®

Right around the same time the FTC sued other Ab Belt companies in the early 2000s, the makers of the Flex Belt® entered the Ab Belt space in the Unites States with a product that revolutionized their market. The first model of The Flex Belt® proved to be superior. It was a product that was high quality and strong enough to produce real results for the user. In fact, before entering the Ab Belt space the makers of The Flex Belt® conducted enough clinical research and trials with their Ab Belt that they felt confident enough to submit it to the FDA. After reviewing all the information the FDA gave their first clearance for an EMS Ab Belt and deemed The Flex Belt® to able to 'Tone, Strengthen, and Firm the Abdominal Muscles'.

In addition to gaining the first FDA Clearance for an Ab Belt, the makers of The Flex Belt® wanted to prove that their Ab Belt was the strongest and most effective on the market at this time. They hired a panel to conduct a study comparing The Flex Belt® to the other four main Ab Belts available in the early 2000s: Rio Abs, Gymform Digital, Sport Elec, and the AbTronic. The comparison was conducted using healthy volunteers who have used EMS technology previously. The test was designed to determine the muscle torque created by each Ab Belt using various degrees of stimulation. The data that was collected showed that The Flex Belt® produced on average more than five times the torque of the nearest competitor. Furthermore it showed that The Flex Belt® produced the lowest level of discomfort, which is extremely noteworthy considering the fact that is was by far the strongest.

Expert Dr. John Porcari investigated the quality and effectiveness of these products. His findings about these products after he tested them were simply that they just weren't good enough to produce results:

"If you want to increase the endurance or strength or appearance of muscles, you have to work them and these machines just don't work muscles intensely enough," he said.

In 2005, Dr. John Porcari conducted his first Flex Belt® clinical trial over an 8-week period. He went on to conduct a couple more clinical trials with the most recent being in 2008. The results of his findings showed that:
  • 100% of participants reported that their abs felt more toned.
  • 92% reported that the firmness of their abdominal muscles increased.
  • 54% reported that their posture had improved.
Porcari goes on to credit the superior quality of The Flex Belt® compared to the other products he investigated. The manufacturing on the stimulator device, the electrodes, and the gel pads are all of utmost quality.

Dr. Porcari is one of the predominant experts in studying Abdominal Exercise and Workout Equipment. He has conducted more than 20 different comprehensive clinical studies in this category. He is also an authority on Electronic Muscle Stimulation devices and their effectiveness. Over the years he has studied just about every EMS Ab Belt that has come and gone. Dr. Porcari has personally conducted 2 in depth clinical trials on The Flex Belt. We caught up with him at his office in the University of La Crosse, Wisconsin....lets see what he has to say about The Flex Belt and why he knows it is the best Ab Belt on the market.

In early 2010 the most recent version of The Flex Belt® was introduced to the market. This new model is 50% stronger and has 3 more training programs than the earlier unit. Now customers can expect to get even more out of this awesome Ab Belt. We feel confident that The Flex Belt® is the most proven and effective that the Ab Belt space has ever experienced. Consumers can get the results they deserve. The Flex Belt is the most expensive, but you pay for what you get... FDA Cleared results for Toning, Firming and Strengthening your abs. We hope you found this information useful and we know you will love your Flex Belt®.

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***Customers Love The Flex Belt. But Please Note: The Flex Belt® does not remove inches of fat and it does not provide weight loss, but it does tone, tighten and strengthen your stomach muscles. Using The Flex Belt® in Conjunction with Your Dedication to Diet, Nutrition, and Exercise Can Help You Achieve Your Goals of a More Attractive Stomach as Well!

TheFlexBelt® - Abdominal toning belts—or ab belts, for short—are becoming increasingly popular. However, as time goes on, there is one product that continues to be the gold standard for ab belts. The Flex Belt® offers the most effective means for achieving ab toning results without users having to change their daily routines. That is because it utilizes Electric Muscle Stimulation (also known as EMS), a truly amazing toning technology. In fact, The Flex Belt was the first device of its kind to have FDA clearance as an EMS product that can be sold as a means to ‘tone, tighten, and strengthen the abdominal muscles.’ The technology is so amazing that you can use it to tone your muscles while continuing to work, read, relax, or even clean your house. While so many other ab belts, even some that claim to use EMS, have gone by the wayside, The Flex Belt is truly here to stay. With medical grade technology, the support of both clinical tests and consumer testimonials, and amazing satisfaction guarantee and warranty programs, The Flex Belt is the crème de la crème of ab belts.

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