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Weslo Inversion Flex System
Review Summary
The Weslo Inversion Flex System is another option for those consumers interested in inversion tables. The product is designed to help consumers improve wellness in a variety of ways, including the relief of back stress and pain, an increase in flexibility, and an improvement of circulation. So this is not a device designed to help you do exercises for stomach muscles. However, it can have a positive impact on wellness that can make your exercises for stomach muscles more efficient.

Weslo has designed the Inversion Flex System with a sturdy base for secure use. The table itself pivots smoothly on its point. And the system comes with straps for securing the feet before inverting. All in all, the Weslo Inversion Flex System appears to be a fairly conventional inversion table that will provide consumers with a convenient way to invert.

The Weslo Inversion Flex System will probably require some amount of assembly, but it’s a simple product that shouldn’t befuddle too many consumers. The table takes no battery or electrical power source, so that’s pretty simple for regular usage. And this is the key. Regular, proper, and safe usage will be the only way to see the benefits of the Weslo Inversion Flex System. Occasional dabbling, as with anything related to wellness, is nearly pointless.

The Weslo Inversion Flex System has not been studied in the third party clinical setting as of this time, and the FDA has not cleared it either. But this is par for the course when it comes to inversion tables.

Information About Manufacturer
Weslo is the property of ICON Health & Fitness. The company is responsible for a variety of brands. Weslo backs the Inversion Flex System with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. We were not able to locate warranty information at the writing of this review, but this is not to say that a warranty does not exist.

• Weslo Inversion Flex System provides a variety of wellness benefits.
• Weslo Inversion Flex System appears to be a convenient and simple device.
• Weslo Inversion Flex System could enhance exercises for stomach muscles.

• Weslo Inversion Flex System is only one fitness activity and will need to be complemented by other fitness activities.
• Weslo Inversion Flex System is very, very similar to other inversion tables.
• Weslo Inversion Flex System is somewhat bulky, even though it can be folded for storage.

The Weslo Inversion Flex System currently goes for $149. Shipping and handling are free from Weslo at this time, and consumers can contact Weslo toll free if there are questions they would like answered before they make a purchase.

We found no bonus materials to be included with the Weslo Inversion Flex System as of this time.

Final Facts
The Weslo Inversion Flex System is going to be intriguing to a lot of consumers. We recommend comparing the many inversion tables available on the market to find the best option for your budget. They mostly do the same thing, so shop for the best warranty and price and get your inversion going today.

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