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Velform Sauna Belt
Review Summary
The Velform Sauna Belt is a portable sauna unit you can wear around your waist for targeted slimming. Unlike products made to simulate exercises for stomach muscles, the Velform Sauna Belt uses heat and the body’s own perspiration to increase fat burning on the areas it is used on. The settings on the Sauna Belt are adjustable, and you do not need to exercise for it to work.

While the Velform Sauna Belt is battery operated, no specifications about batteries are provided. You can technically wear this belt wherever you want; however, the controller makes discreet use difficult if not impossible. You can perform other activities while using Velform Sauna Belt. Because it does not need exercise to work, you do not have to exert any energy or muster up much motivation to use this system. Velform Sauna Belt can be applied to other parts of the body, like the butt, if desired.

Information About Manufacturer
Velform has other personal care products on the market that are similar to the Sauna Belt, which they sell through online retailers. At this time there is no satisfaction guarantee or warranty information available from the manufacturer. Velform does not currently have FDA clearance for the use of this product, nor do they have third party research backing their claims, though neither is necessary to make a product safe to use. There is no toll free customer service number for Velform at this time either.

• Velform Sauna Belt can be used while you are on the go.
• Velform Sauna Belt is small enough to be portable and is easy to store.
• Velform Sauna Belt can be used on various parts of the body.

• Velform Sauna Belt cannot replace exercises for stomach muscles.
• Velform Sauna Belt is not covered by a warranty or satisfaction guarantee at this time.
• Velform Sauna Belt does not have third party study results backing its claims.
• Velform Sauna Belt does not have a rechargeable power source.

The Velform sauna Belt currently retails for $49.95 plus $6.95 for shipping and handling. Bonus materials include a diet plan and a tape measure, their value unknown. Delivery should occur within 2 to 10 days of your order, and the Velform Sauna Belt can be shipped internationally.

Final Facts
Velform Sauna Belt is a heating system made to increase the amount of fat you lose from your abs, buttocks, or whatever part of the body it is applied to. You can find out more about Velform Sauna Belt by looking for it on review and video demonstration websites. You can also see how it compares to similar products, or to those made to simulate exercises for stomach muscles, by visiting a fitness equipment comparison database.

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