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Tummy Belt
Review Summary
Many products tout the name Tummy Belt, and most of these items do the same thing more or less. A Tummy Belt is generally used to temporarily hold in and slim the midsection, some even claiming to tone your muscles into this position with regular use. The Lytees Corrective Tummy Belt is a good example, so we’ll look at this particular product here. This belt is made of polyester and to use it you just wear it around your middle. The Tummy Belt then smoothes over any bulges caused by excess fat, loose skin, or cellulite. This particular belt is medicated with Caffeine and Shea Butter to firm and tighten the skin too.

No assembly or batteries are needed for the Tummy Belt. You don’t need to do exercises for stomach muscles for it to work, so it takes no effort, energy, or concentration to use a tummy belt. It cannot be used on parts of the body other than the area between your chest and waist. You can wear Tummy Belt discreetly under clothing and use it while you do just about anything.

Information About Manufacturer
Lytees sells their Tummy Belt through a number of online retailers. Since the company itself does not provide a warranty, satisfaction guarantee, or toll free number, you will have to see if individual vendors supply these things for their customers. At this time there is no third party research we could find on the Lytees Corrective Tummy Belt, nor is it cleared for use by the FDA, though this kind of clearance is not needed.
• Tummy Belt can be used discreetly and while you do just about anything.
• Tummy Belt is small enough to be portable and easily stored.
• Tummy Belt is made to instantly smooth over fat and bulges.

• Tummy Belt cannot replace exercises for stomach muscles by working abs for you.
• Tummy Belt is not cleared for use by the FDA.
• Tummy Belt does not appear to be adjustable and may not fit all size users as a result.

The Tummy Belt currently retails for $39.99. The cost of shipping and handling varies between retailers. You can also expect a difference in shipment times. Typically no bonus materials are included with the Lytees Tummy Belt.

Final Facts
More of an undergarment than a fitness aid, this Tummy Belt, and others with the same name, cannot tone or strengthen your muscles for you. This product is instead made for smoothing out your midsection for a time. It is sleek for discreet use under most clothing and can be worn while you do just about anything. You can see how the Tummy Belt compares to a product that can do your exercises for stomach muscles for you by looking it up on a comparison review site.

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