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Review Summary
When you start researching diet pills, after awhile, they can all sound pretty similar, and tend to fall into just a few categories. You generally find fat burners, appetite suppressants, cleansing aids, and the occasional fat blocker. Some of these pills contain stimulants, others promise weight loss overnight, and within each category, there are a lot of products that contain similar formulas and advertise similar outcomes. This can all get very confusing for dieters looking for the best method, and after awhile they might just go for whichever one is on sale and hope for the best.

The problem with this, of course, is that you could end up choosing a product that may be laden with cheap ingredients that has no real positive benefits when it comes to weight loss. Cheap products might also cause unwanted effects, causing you to actually become worse for wear after taking them. You really do owe it to yourself to find a pill that is high quality and contains ingredients proven to work – and we have found that Slim 10® fits this description perfectly.

We really have never seen a diet pill of this caliber. The Slim 10® formula contains a blend of ten patented ingredients that have each been clinically shown to have a positive impact on weight loss, plus 500mg of Hoodia to curb hunger cravings. It really is remarkable to see a single pill containing so many potent ingredients, and in fact Slim 10® is the only pill to contain all ten of these patented ingredients. It’s truly a winning combination of ingredients that could provide dieters with the edge they need to lose weight by curbing hunger, increasing the metabolism, burning more fat and even preventing the absorption of fats and carbohydrates. Slim 10® is quite likely the last diet pill you will need to research and try.

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The formula contains a blend of ten patented ingredients that you have probably read about in other formulas, since all of these ingredients have undergone clinical studies that have proven their effectiveness. However, as mentioned above, Slim 10® is the only pill that contains this particular combination of the best of the best, so while you may have read about them all, you have never seen all ten combined into one single formula,until now!

Slim 10® contains 500mg of the cactus-like plant extract Hoodia to curb cravings, as well as Advantra Z® to burn fat and hundreds of more calories per day; 7-Keto® to enhance the metabolism; Slimaluma® to suppress the appetite; ForsLean® increase lean body mass; Phase 2® to prevent carbohydrate absorption; ChromeMate® to break down sugar more efficiently; CarniPure® to turn fat cells into energy; Super Citrimax to burn and reduce body fat; NeOpuntia to prevent fat absorption; and Tonalin® to break down stored fat. Click here to read detailed descriptions of all ten of the Slim10® ingredients.

Slimaluma® is included in the formula because it has been shown to have a profound effect on curbing hunger. In double-blind clinical studies conducted on this ingredient, it has been shown that Slimaluma® sends a signal to the hypothalamus telling the brain that the stomach is full, instead of in need of food. The ingredient is derived from the succulent Caralluma Fimbriata plant native to India. It has been said that the people of India have turned to this plant to prevent feelings of hunger during times of drought and famine; the plant has been brought to consumers through a standardization process of a highly concentrated extract, and is only available in the patented Slimaluma® ingredient.

Super Citrimax® is another important ingredient worth discussing, as it has been shown to be effective for enhancing weight loss from several angles all by itself. This ingredient has been shown to increase levels of serotonin, aid in fat burning, reduce hunger cravings and reduce dieters’ Body Mass Index; it is described as an enhanced version of Citrimax®, an ingredient containing a special blend of Hydroxycitric Acid, or HCA. The inferior ingredient is commonly found in weight loss pills, however only Super Citrimax® has been proven to increase absorption in the bloodstream by 20% over other forms of HCA, making it much more effective. Additionally, Super Citrimax® has been seen in clinical studies to increase serotonin levels, thereby decreasing hunger and improving the mood and sleep habits. So, people who tend to binge due to stress or other mood-related factors may notice this as being less of an issue from taking Super Citrimax®. And, since this is combined with other ingredients in Slim 10® that all have been clinically proven to assist with weight loss in one way or another, dieters are even more likely to see results from this combination diet pill.

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Each box of Slim 10® contains ninety capsules, and the company has several great pricing options that allow customers to save money. A single box costs $89.99, which is a good deal right there, considering each capsule contains all ten patented ingredients, plus Hoodia. This price is comparable to other high quality diet pills that do not have nearly as many clinically proven ingredients. The company extends its generosity even further by offering steep price discounts on multiple orders, the best savings being offered on purchases of six boxes. They allow customers to purchase six boxes for $300, which is a $240 savings. Plus, customers receive free expedited shipping with this offer, truly making it the best value option available. We should also note that every order comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

When purchasing Slim 10® customers can opt to add on a box of Hoodia Bites to their orders for a discounted price of $39.99, or half off the regular price. These candy-like chews contain 500mg of real certified Hoodia at a 20X strength, making them an easy yet potent way to kill hunger cravings instantly. These could be a handy product to have on hand during the day if you start to get cravings between meals, or later in the evening when you want to cut hunger without any stimulant effects. These chocolate flavored chews have only 20 calories and contain no sugar, and could be a good complement any your diet plan.

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The Slim 10® website is full of colorful graphics, making it a fun site to navigate. Because of all of the research conducted on each of the patented ingredients, the site contains a lot of charts and bar graphs with the facts and figures depicting the outcomes of each of the studies. Additionally, it provides customers with background on each of the ingredients, including details about the plant sources most of the extracts are derived from.

When beginning a new diet plan, people naturally want to know what kind of results to expect, and the best way to do so it see how the product has impacted others. Slim 10® will not let you down on this front either – the home page of the site posts quite a few before and after photos of customers and indicates what the starting and ending weights were, and how much weight was lost total for each dieter. This is generally one of the best ways to truly gauge a diet product’s effectiveness, and it is clear from these photographs, that Slim 10® can deliver huge results!

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Aside from all the facts and figures and the numerous picture testimonials, the Slim 10® website is pretty informative. It posts a page of common questions customers may ask, and lists the answers to each of these. Information on how to contact the company is provided, and as discussed earlier, customers can purchase the Slim 10® pills directly from the website.

• Product comes with a 90 day money back guarantee
• Formula contains ten clinically proven ingredients to aid in weight loss
• Website posts before and after photos from customers
• Formula contains carbohydrate and fat blockers
• Customers can order Hoodia Bites for half price with Slim 10® orders

• Pills should not be taken too late in the evening

Final Thoughts
Dieters in need of a truly high quality diet aid should be impressed with Slim 10® simply by reading about it; and once they give it a go and see for themselves what kind of benefits it has, they are likely to rave about it much like we have been doing in this review. Not all diets are the same, and certainly not all diet pills are the same. Slim 10® is one that stands apart from the pack as it provides dieters with the means to fight the fat from all fronts. Dieters who take Slim 10® should find that they eat less, crave less, burn more calories, have more energy, are in a better mood overall, and are able to lose weight faster even after eating foods containing fat, sugar and starches. Having more energy may mean that you get to the gym more often, and having fewer cravings might allow you to step back and plan a healthier meal rather than heading straight for the fast-cooking box of macaroni and processed cheese. And with this formula, even if you do give in and allow yourself to have some pasta or a slice of birthday cake, you can rest easy knowing that the body has a tool to simply expel it before it even gets absorbed. Slim 10® is meant to assist with weight loss on a physical level, while also providing the peace of mind dieters need while embarking on such a big journey towards better health.

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