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Max Turbo Slimming Belt
Review Summary
Max Turbo Slimming Belt, also called MAX TURBO, is a vibrating, oscillating system you wear around your midsection. It is made to stimulate and heat your abdomen so you can experience more muscle tone and a stronger core. Max Turbo Slimming Belt is said to vibrate up to 1,234 times in one minute, assisting with digestion and relaxing the body while working on your abs. According to online information, the results are intended to be akin to what exercises for stomach muscles can do.

There is no information about assembly for Max Turbo Slimming Belt or what kind of batteries it requires, though it is battery operated. The belt features 5 workout levels and can be adjusted around the thighs, hips, calves, and back to work those areas too. Since this system requires no exercise, you don’t have to put any effort or concentration into using it, nor does it take any hard work. While the belt weighs 5 lbs, it is made for wearing discreetly under clothing so you can use it anywhere and anytime you find it convenient.

Information About Manufacturer
MAXCARE sells Max Turbo Slimming Belt online through various retailers. At this time the company has not gained FDA clearance or third party study results for Max Turbo, although this kind of clearance is not required of fitness equipment. No satisfaction guarantee or warranty information is currently available from MAXCARE. There is no toll free customer service number available at this time either.

• Max Turbo Slimming Belt can be worn discreetly under clothing.
• Max Turbo Slimming Belt uses a combination of heat, vibration, and oscillation on the abs.
• Max Turbo Slimming Belt can be used on several parts of the body in turn.

• Max Turbo Slimming Belt cannot replace exercises for stomach muscles by working your abs.
• Max Turbo Slimming Belt is not currently covered by a warranty or satisfaction guarantee.
• Max Turbo Slimming Belt does not come with a rechargeable power source.
• Max Turbo Slimming Belt is heavier than many other belts at 5 lbs.

Max Turbo Slimming Belt currently costs $89.99 with shipping and handling varying between retailers. International shipping is possible, however there is no standard shipping time on either domestic or international orders. No bonus materials are included in the price of this product either.

Final Facts
Max Turbo Slimming Belt is what the name implies, a product made to slim the parts of the body it is applied to. Rather than using EMS, as many similar products do, this system employs vibration, heat, and oscillation to stimulate the muscles of the abs, hips, thighs, or wherever you choose to use it. You can see how Max Turbo Slimming belt compares to other products designed to enhance or replace exercises for stomach muscles by visiting a comparison review website.

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