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Flex Mini® - EMS Technology You Can Wear
Review Summary
A sagging behind is a sad thing, and a problem that is often thought of as difficult to fix. A lot of people complain about this gravitational pull that seems to only get worse with each passing year and many feel that nothing really can be done about it. This is where technology comes in the form of the Flex Mini® bottom and thigh toner. This phenomenal little device utilizes Electronic Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, the same technology used by medical doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists to rehabilitate muscle. If you are new to EMS technology, you might think of this device as a way to easily stimulate muscle contractions to build muscle tone in an area that might not be getting as much attention as it needs. The best part with EMS is that you can enjoy the results all while you simply wear the technology and relax. To see what the Flex Mini® is capable of, check out the official website to see it for yourself.

Medical Grade EMS Technology
For those who are not familiar with EMS technology, it works by contracting and then relaxing the muscles for you. The Flex Mini® is in fact the first and only product to be cleared by the FDA for toning and firming the butt and backs of the upper thighs, as it points out on the official website. The device features medical-grade gel pads that are pre-positioned to cover the buttocks and backs of the upper thighs – so you don’t even need to worry about whether or not you placed them in the right spots. Once you put on the Flex Mini® you have the option of setting the intensity level to one that you feel comfortable with, depending on your exercising needs and goals. This device you actually will feel working, many start with the lowest level of intensity and increase as they are ready. If you haven’t tried it before, it’s fine to go easy on yourself, start slow, and gradually build up your muscle tone and strength by increasing the level periodically.

While you are toning with the Flex Mini® the device sends out signals to the nerves that are most concentrated, which then branch out to the buttocks and hamstrings, causing them to contract and relax, which firms and tones all of the muscles in that region, not just those that are directly under the gel pads. So there is no shifting around required – you will get a complete targeted toning session in thirty minutes, simply by putting it on and turning up the controls. Watch the video on the official website to see it in action!

EMS technology has been used by professional health care providers for decades, and has undergone extensive research. Even the Flex Mini® specifically has undergone testing; the results of one six-week study demonstrated that 88 percent of users had positive results on their bottom, 88 percent of users had firmer bottom muscles, 83 percent of users had stronger bottom muscles and 83 percent of users had more toned bottom muscles. So the odds are pretty good that anyone willing to give it a try will see a positive transformation in their rear ends in just a matter of weeks.

John Porcari, Ph.D., Professor of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Wisconsin, Lacrosse, is one of the top experts on EMS technology and has evaluated the Flex Mini® device, concluding that women who use the device will almost certainly notice an improvement in muscle strength, tone and firmness.

The Flex Mini® is both simple and complex. It is simple to use, since all it requires is putting it on and setting the desired intensity level, then going about whatever activity you need to do at the moment. A lot of people wear it underneath their clothes while they run out to the grocery store, take the dog for a walk or get some house chores done. It’s the kind of workout you can get no matter what you are doing, or need to get done, because it allows you to multitask. Yet, the technology makes it somewhat of a complex device, because there is a lot going on beneath the surface.

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Website in Focus
We found that the official website for the Flex Mini® provides people with a lot of facts and research about EMS technology and the clinical studies conducted on the device. Another feature of the website that people should find worth a read is the testimonials page. The number of testimonials posted there (too many to count) speaks volumes about how well received the device has been, and anyone considering purchasing the product, either for yourself or for a friend, spouse, mother or girlfriend might want to take the time to read through these compelling stories about the types of transformations other women have experienced from using the device. Go to the official website to read them as the testimonials could also give some ideas about how to use it, when to use. Getting as many facts about a product as you can ahead of time is always a smart idea, and if you can get the perspectives of other customers in the form of personal success stories, it’s even better. Not a lot of products have this many customer reviews, and it’s good to see that people love this product so much that they want other people to know about their experience. And, if you are thinking about making a purchase for your wife or girlfriend, but are unsure whether or not she would be receptive to it, you’ll definitely want to read the testimonials to see how women have reacted upon receiving such a gift.

Read the testimonials page for the Flex Mini® by clicking here

For a price of just $199, customers get the Flex Mini® and gel pads, a rechargeable power supply unit, a carrying case and an instruction manual. The Flex Mini® might seem like a bit of an investment at first, however keep in mind, that this all comes with the famed EMS technology. What you get with the Flex Mini® is a quality product that saves you time and energy while getting your butt in the best shape of your life. The company is so sure of the research behind the product that it guarantees users will see results in four to six weeks of use, and if anyone is not satisfied, they can return the Flex Mini® within sixty days to get their money back. They believe that sixty days is enough time to see what the product can do for those who use it.

All orders also come with a free one-year subscription to a magazine of your choice, including Men’s Health, Esquire, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan and Travel & Leisure!

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• The device uses medical-grade toning technology
• Flex Mini® is endorsed by the leading expert on EMS technology
• Customers receive a free magazine subscription with purchase
• Product has received numerous testimonials
• Simple and easy to use, yet gets big results

• Currently not available in stores, though with the 60 day guarantee, it allows customers to basically test out the device risk-free

Final Facts
Everyone wants a firm butt, and they might not realize how much they relied on looking good in a pair of jeans until those same jeans start to look a little wider and not so shapely. From having a desk job to simply getting older, losing muscle tone in the buttocks and thighs is a problem many experience and would like to find a solution for. It takes a targeted, medical-grade toning device and concentrated workout to really see results; and to continue to make progress, it is important to continue to push yourself. A lot of people feel that as much as they would love to have either a smaller, firmer bottom, or a more shapely and toned rear end, it is just not worth the effort. The Flex Mini® makes it a no brainer: all that you have to do is wear it, and it is so compact and discreet it can be worn underneath clothing and nobody needs to know. In thirty minutes, you can get a complete butt and upper thigh workout while you are doing whatever it is that you want! The Flex Mini® comes with a two year warranty, requires very little effort and produces amazing results, and it’s all guaranteed for sixty days.

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