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Contour Ab Belt
Review Summary
Contour Ab Belt is a toning system you wear around your waist and is made to be used in lieu of the exercises for stomach muscles you may be doing now. Contour Ab Belt is advertised as being capable of giving you six pack abs without any exercise at all. The manufacturer states it is both safe and easy to use. Contour Ab Belt features include adjustable intensity levels, a portable design, and the ability to be used on parts of the body other than the abs.

Settings on the Contour Ab Belt are controlled with an attached remote, which prevents this system from being completely hidden under clothing when you use it. Contour Ab Belt requires four AAA batteries to operate. There seems to be no assembly needed before you use this product. Because it does not require one to exercise for it to work, Contour Ab Belt takes no focus on form, motivation, or effort from its users.

Information About Manufacturer
Contour Technology, LLC., which is based in Minneapolis, manufactures the Contour Ab Belt. This company, which has been in business for several years it seems, has not gained FDA clearance or third party research results for their ab belt. It does, however, cover Contour Ab Belt with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 2 year warranty. The warranty is only applicable if Contour Ab Belt is purchased with a single payment. Contour Technology provides a toll free number for customer service needs.

• Contour Ab Belt can be used while you do other things.
• Contour Ab Belt does not require exercise or any effort to use.
• Contour Ab Belt is covered by a satisfaction guarantee and warranty.

• Contour Ab Belt requires batteries to operate.
• Contour Ab Belt cannot be shipped internationally.
• Contour Ab Belt has a controller that hinders discreet use in public.
• Contour Ab Belt is not cleared for use by the FDA at this time.

Currently, the Contour Ab Belt retails for $199.80. There is an additional trial fee charge of $14.95. Shipping to places outside the contiguous US incurs a $30 fee. Contour Ab Belt cannot be shipped internationally. Delivery within the US should take 7 to 10 days. Each purchase includes a diet, exercise, and calorie guide as bonus materials. Their total value is unknown.

Final Facts
Contour Ab Belt is designed to stimulate your abs in the same way exercises for stomach bulge do. You can use this system while you move about since it runs on batteries. The control panel for Contour Ab Belt is attached with a cord and makes the system too bulky for inconspicuous use. You can see how Contour Ab Belt compares to other replacements for exercises for stomach muscles by looking it up on a comparison review website.

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