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CleanseRX® - Cleanse for Energy
Review Summary
While you might be aware that your extra weight is the cause of feeling more lethargic, slower and just, well, weighed down, what you might not realize is that it could, in fact, be extra waste that is the culprit for these feelings of lethargy. It is a fact that most people carry around pounds of undigested waste in their colons – and this waste material causes toxic build up that makes you feel tired, sluggish and heavier than you would normally be. That’s why a lot of people are looking into ways to cleanse their colon, and one of the best products around to provide this type of support is CleanseRX®. Using this supplement can help you feel lighter and healthier, while increasing your energy levels.

The benefits of cleansing with this two-part cleansing system are actually quite numerous, all of the aspects we will go into in greater detail in this comprehensive review. A lot of people look toward diet aids when they want to drop a few pounds and get their energy back, when really they should be looking into cleansing aids. It’s true that a product like CleanseRX® can promote weight loss and prevent weight gain but it is not a weight loss supplement in the traditional sense. A lot of people, in fact, use it to begin their weight loss program since it can prepare the system for losing weight more efficiently. If you have tried diets that have gotten you nowhere, it might be because they are not accomplishing what needs to be done; namely, getting rid of all that undigested waste.

If you’re ready to get your system clean and your energy levels back up so you can live your life more enthusiastically, you definitely want to look into CleanseRX®.

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Ingredients in Phase 1 and Phase 2
As mentioned above, CleanseRX® is a two-part system, and this means that it contains two different supplements in its complete cleansing formula. Each of the two phases lasts one month, so after two months of using the product customers will notice the full benefits. However, some of the benefits are actually felt immediately upon taking Phase 1, the first phase of the CleanseRX® system. Phase 1 contains a blend of ingredients that loosen up the waste, pull it out of the colon and stimulate the digestive system to get rid of it more efficiently. This part of the cleanse comes in pill form, and consists of 30 packs containing four capsules each. Every day for the first month, you are meant to take a Phase 1 pack, and can either take all four capsules at once or spread them out throughout the day, whatever is most convenient to you.

Psyllium Husk Powder is the main active ingredient in Phase 1, and the supplement contains 1500mg per serving of this natural fiber. It is this ingredient, combined with Vitamin C, Senna, Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Carbonate and Lemon Bioflavonoid that gets the colon cleaned out in a gentle yet effective way.

Phase 2 of CleanseRX® comes in a powder form consisting of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes that is formulated to provide the digestive system the nutrients it needs to be stronger, healthier and more efficient at processing the foods you eat. The powder can be mixed with any type of liquid you choose and you only have to drink it once a day. Some people even decide to blend it into a smoothie as a way to get more fruits into their diet, which is a smart idea.

The amount of ingredients contained in this phase of the formula are too many to list here, but you can visit the official CleanseRX® website to see the complete supplement facts.

One of the key benefits provided by the Phase 2 part of CleanseRX® is that it keeps your system healthy. The powder supplement contains probiotics and digestive enzymes that work to break down food and keep the immune system strong. If you are accustomed to feeling uncomfortable after meals, to the point where you experience a lot of bloating, gas, constipation or stomach cramping it’s likely it is all that undigested waste weighing you down. Digestive enzymes are necessary from preventing that build up: any dairy products, meat, starches or other complex carbohydrates will break down more efficiently. So you can truly enjoy eating your meals again - even those that are on the heavier side – without feeling those same effects. You really will feel lighter and more energetic after the cleanse; instead of wanting to “veg out on the couch” or in front of the Internet all night, you might feel inclined to go out for a walk, do some house chores or yard work, or maybe even go to the gym.

So when you think about CleanseRX® and what the effects of its Phases can have on you, you really have to consider quality of life. This product really can impact your internal organs, your external physique and your mental and emotional state, because let’s face it, when you feel good physically, you feel good mentally as well, and vice versa of course! Consider reading more about the CleanseRX® formula and all the benefits it will provide you if you have been feeling low energy and just sort of down in the dumps as a result.

Before you buy CleanseRX, you probably want to know about the cost, and any additional perks that come with purchase. Since this is a two-part cleansing system that lasts for 60 days, customers should notice the complete effects of the cleanse after about two months, assuming you take it every day as directed. The company strongly believes in its product and also that its customers will see results in that time period. Still, they realize that everyone is different, so they are offering a 90 day money back guarantee on all orders. Anyone who buys the product and is not satisfied has 90 days to return it and get a full refund – no questions asked. That gives customers plenty of time to test it out and decide if it's for them.

A single system costs just $79.99 so it averages forty bucks a month for this two-month long cleanse, which is along the lines of what you would expect to pay for an advanced cleansing system like this. The company offers savings if you order multiple systems at once, and all of these prices are outlined on the website. Also, customers can order an additional jar of Phase 2 if they wish to continue feeling the benefits of improved digestion beyond the second month of the cleanse. One jar costs $49.99, and price discounts are available for multiple orders of this as well.

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Official Website
Taking a visit to the official CleanseRX® website is something you will want to do if you have been feeling rather “blah” lately and need something to combat that feeling of heaviness and lethargy that has, quite literally, been weighing you down recently. The site will give you all the information you could ask for about the ingredients in both phases of the CleanseRX® formula, including what they are meant to do and how to take each of the two supplements, so that you have a clear idea about what to expect from this two phase cleansing system.

We were pleased to find that a cleanse like this could increase your energy levels and aid in digestion to make you feel lighter and healthier. You will want to read all the facts posted about probiotics and digestive enzymes on the site as well. The company devotes quite a bit of space to explaining these aspects of the formula so you will gain a better understanding of what kind of impact they will have on your system, both while you are taking them and for some time afterwards since your colon and entire digestive system will be cleaner and operating more efficiently.

Understanding how the product works is important for knowing how it will benefit you and why you should take it. Unlike some diet pills on the market, people really do see instant results and immediate weight loss from taking this supplement, and the beautiful thing is that is not even a standard weight loss aid in the typical sense. Really, this can be used by anyone since most of us do have undigested waste just sitting in our colons. It’s not a pretty thought, which makes it all the more important to address. But when you realize that years of poor eating habits on top of environmental factors cause a build up of waste and toxins in your colon, you will understand why you might have had an extra 5-15 pounds of stubborn weight hanging around for years. A simple diet might not be the answer – the answer might be cleansing out that waste with a product like CleanseRX®. In two months’ time you may notice that you feel less weighed down and more free to eat certain foods that you have been avoiding. To access more CleanseRX information, visit the official website here
• CleanseRX® formula is proven to flush pounds of waste from the system
• No diet rules to follow to get results
• Results can be noticed right from the start
• Phase2 of CleanseRX® can be taken indefinitely

• Not intended as a weight loss aid, though many do experience up to fifteen pounds of loss

Final Facts
Digestive issues and feelings of lethargy are problems that most of us experience, though for some of us they seem to be more of a chronic problem. And on top of that, we might have extra weight that won’t go away, despite our efforts at dieting and exercising more often. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to recognize that issue might not simply be a poor diet, lack of exercise or a slow metabolism – the reasons people usually site for gaining weight, or the inability to lose it.

Instead, it is likely that you have a build up of toxic waste in your colon that is ready for a good, efficient cleanse. And therefore, you will want to look at the CleanseRX® two-phase cleansing system for ridding your body of this waste and these toxins, because in two months you could be well on your way to feeling lighter, cleaner, healthier, more energetic, and be rid of all the symptoms you might tend to feel after eating certain foods or big meals. It’s time to stop making excuses, and time to stop looking at products and programs that don’t really address the issue. There are no diet rules you need to follow, no discomfort you will experience as a result of the cleanse, and really nothing you need to do in order to experience the benefits. You really owe it to yourself and to your body to start feeling better and now you can.

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