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Weighted Curls with Medicine Ball

There are many ways to alter and improve upon different exercises for stomach toning, but no exercise is altered more often than the basic crunch. One variation of the crunch that may prove to be helpful for individuals who find it hard to be challenged by the basic crunch is the Weighted Curls with Medicine Ball exercise. Weighted Curls with Medicine Ball are simply more difficult than the basic crunch because of the weight of the medicine ball.

To do these exercises for stomach toning, simply choose a medicine ball that is the right size and weight for you. Then, lie on the ground with your back and feet flat and your knees bent. Then, holding the medicine ball to your chest, contract your abdominal muscles and lift your shoulders about three inches or so off the floor, being sure all the while to keep your chin up so as to avoid neck strain. Then, repeat these exercises for stomach toning over and over again, increasing the weight of the medicine ball as the weeks and months go by in order to make sure that you are continuing to challenge yourself and your abdominal muscles as you continue to do Weighted Curls with Medicine Ball.

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