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Vertical Leg Crunch

Anyone who has a bit of experience with doing exercises for stomach toning and strengthening knows very well that the basic crunch has been modified and varied in countless ways in order to create new workouts. One such variation is the Vertical Leg Crunch. Doing Vertical Leg Crunch exercises for stomach toning may be a good idea for individuals who wish to get their side abdominal muscles toned along with the central abdominal muscles. Here is how the Vertical Leg Crunch is done.

The Vertical Leg Crunch begins essentially like the normal crunch, with the individual lying with his or her belly up and hands behind or beside the head. Then, rather than keep the feet flat on the floor, the participant actually raises the legs upward into the air to a near vertical position while still keeping the knees bent a bit. From this position the individual simply performs otherwise normal crunch repetitions, lifting the shoulders just a few inches off the ground, keeping the chin up, and refraining from pulling on the neck or head. Lifting the legs in the Vertical Leg Crunch exercises for stomach toning is part of what helps implicate the lower abs and what makes the routine a bit unique.

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