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When it comes to finding worthwhile exercises for stomach toning, no resource is as vast or as in depth as the Internet, especially since it is actually to home to many other forms of resources such as books and videos. Search online for exercises for stomach strengthening and you might hear about the V-Sit, an interesting and uncommon workout that should be fairly challenging for many individuals.

To tone the midsection through the means of the V-Sit, one begins by sitting normally on the floor. From here, the individual bends the upper body forward while leaning back a bit. Leaning back is important, because along with leaning forward with the upper body, this exercise requires that one lift his or her legs upward into the air as well. This is why these exercises for stomach toning go by the name V-Sit. The individual makes a V shape with his or her upper and lower body and holds the position for a few seconds, returns to the sitting position, and repeats the routine over and over again. It sounds easy, but the V-Sit may well challenge even the most experienced fitness enthusiast, giving him or her the chance to increase and improve toning results.

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