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Sylvester Stallone's Ab Workout

There are a lot of different people in Hollywood who are known for their physiques, but few have been known for their physiques for as long a period of time as Sylvester Stallone has. As Stallone heads into his golden years, he still appears to sport a rock hard body. Many might wonder exactly how he does it. Well, when it comes to the midsection, one online article claims that Sly uses a particular set of exercises for stomach strengthening that the magazine calls Sylvester Stallone’s Ab Workout.

Stallone is actually quoted in the online article, giving credence to the idea that these are, in fact, exercises for stomach toning actually employed by the movie star. Sylvester Stallone’s Ab Workout includes basic floor crunches, twisting crunches, and hanging leg raises. If you do not have a hanging leg raise machine or another piece of equipment needed to perform such workouts, you may need to go to a gym, and Stallone encourages readers to use certain benches and other apparatuses in order to perform exercises for stomach muscles. Either way, doing the kinds of workouts included in Sylvester Stallone’s Ab Workout regimen on a regular basis will require an investment of time. But this is not surprising, given that maintaining a physique like Stallone’s will almost always require energy and time in various regards.

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