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Growing up we all had fictional characters we emulated. For many little boys that character has been Superman. However, Superman is not only the name of a comic book character but is also the name of an abdominal workout. The Superman is not too complicated to learn, but it may end up being quite challenging for some individuals.

Superman exercises for stomach muscles begin with the participant on hands and knees. With hands at shoulder width apart and knees hip width apart the individual tightens his or her abdominal muscles before lifting one hand into the air straight ahead of his or her torso. With that hand perfectly horizontal the individual lifts the leg of the opposite side so that it is also horizontal to the ground. This simultaneous action makes the participant look a bit like a superhero who is flying through the air. Though it might not seem like Superman repetitions represent exercises for stomach toning, people who do them and who can remain stable in the process will feel the burn in their midsections. Merely keeping the body stable requires core strength. Individuals slowly repeat these Superman exercises for stomach firming for each side of the body and, in the process, potentially promote effective toning and strengthening.

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