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Side Bends

Although some exercises for stomach toning have rather unique or even inexplicable names, others have quite normal and logical nomenclatures. An example of the latter is the Side Bend. Side Bends are exercises for stomach muscles that require little time to learn, but they do require some simple equipment. Here is a closer look at how to perform Side Bend exercises for stomach strengthening and firming.

Side Bends must be done with a dumbbell in one hand. Of course, you can choose how heavy you want the weight to be depending on your ability and your needs. Either way, with a dumbbell in one hand and the other hand behind your head, you will stand with your legs spread about shoulder width apart and with your knees bent slightly. Then you will literally bend sideways, lowering the dumbbell toward the ground. Once the hand weight is level with your knee, you will raise your body back up again. After performing a full set of these exercises for stomach toning, switch sides and do the same number on the other side. Various muscle groups can benefit from doing Side Bend exercises for stomach firming, but the oblique muscles along your sides may benefit most.

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