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Pulse Up

Search the Internet with words such as, exercises for stomach toning, and you will likely turn up a variety of different workouts and routines. Among them might be the Pulse Up, a rather basic workout that aims to tone and strengthen the most commonly targeted muscle in the midsection, the central rectus abdominis. This particular routine might be less well known than some other exercises for stomach muscles, such as the basic crunch, but this doesn’t mean it is any less effective.

In order to perform the Pulse Up correctly, one starts by lying flat on the floor, belly up. Then, resting his or her hands under the tailbone, the participant lifts both legs upward until they are completely vertical. From this position, the participant does Pulse Ups by pushing the legs straight upward into the air. Doing this motion will require use of the abdominal muscles since they help to lift the lower body higher into the air. As we said earlier, the Pulse Up might not be the most well known of the many exercises for stomach muscles out there, but it may still be beneficial for people who decide to do them on a regular basis.

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