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In the search for worthwhile and effective exercises for stomach muscles, people like you may well come across some workouts with interesting names. One that isn’t too complicated but may strike you as interesting is the Plank, one of the exercises for stomach regions sometimes found in yoga regimens. Either way, the Plank is an example of an abdominal workout that involves no motion but that should still prove to be challenging and worthwhile for toning if performed correctly and consistently.

The Plank involves putting your body into a push up kind of position with your back nearly flat, but slightly bent, and your body rigid. Then, rather than supporting the body with palms flat on the ground, you rest your forearms on the ground. Although it may not seem like it to people who have never done the Plank, simply holding your body in this position will prove to be a rather challenging workout that certainly targets the muscles of the core. While beginners may only be able to hold the Plank position for a few seconds, practice will strengthen the muscles and help the individual increase his or her hold time. That is why the Plank can be considered among the many potentially effective exercises for stomach muscles.

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