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Oblique Crunch

Oblique muscles are muscles that run along the sides of one’s midsection and, as such, they often do not get as much attention as the rectus abdominis, the central abdominal muscle responsible for making the six pack look. However, people who wish to find worthwhile exercises for stomach muscles such as the obliques do not need to look hard. In fact, there are some exercises for stomach toning that include the word oblique in their name. The Oblique Crunch is one of them.

The Oblique Crunch involves doing an otherwise basic crunch repetition with a bit of twist, literally. Rather than keep the legs upright and bent so that the feet are flat on the floor, the participant bends them and then twists them until they are lying flat on one side. Then, with hands at the sides of the head, the individual crunches his or her ab muscles by lifting the shoulders a few inches off the ground and holding the utmost position for a second or two. After repeating these Oblique Crunch exercises for stomach muscles a set number of times, the individual twists his or her legs to the other side in order to do an equal number of repetitions. Doing so on a consistent basis is one way to firm and tone the obliques and other ab muscles.

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