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Mountain Climbers on Floor

Mountain Climbers are an exercise that many might think of in terms of strengthening and toning the legs, and they certainly do this. However, some folks consider a Mountain Climbers on Floor routine to be among one of the more effective exercises for stomach muscles. This workout does not require any external equipment, and it may very well be feasible even for beginners. Here is how one does these exercises for stomach and leg muscles.

To do Mountain Climbers on Floor, one puts his or her body into a position that resembles a push up. Lifting his or her buttocks into the air and arching his or her back, the individual takes a step forward, or upward toward the head, with one leg. Returning that leg to its original position, the individual repeats the motion with other leg. Repeating these exercises for stomach and leg muscles over and over again should prove to be a bit challenging and worthwhile, and doing so should implicate the abdominal muscles by virtue of the position of the body as well as the motion of the legs. As with any routine, a Mountain Climbers on Floor should be done regularly in order to produce real and lasting results.

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