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Medicine Ball Sit Ups

For those who do not know, medicine balls are weighted exercise balls that come in various sizes and various weights. They are often about the size of a soccer ball or basketball and may weigh as much as ten or fifteen pounds. Medicine balls have various uses, and among them are exercises for stomach muscles known as Medicine Ball Sit Ups. As you might guess, these exercises for stomach regions are based on the original sit up routine. However, the use of a medicine ball makes the workout a bit more challenging for the purpose of promoting greater toning and strengthening results.

Medicine Ball Sit Ups begin with the participant in a normal sit up position. However, there must be someone standing or kneeling at the participant’s feet, ready to catch the medicine ball and throw it back to the participant. While doing sit ups the individual tosses the weighted medicine ball of his or her choosing to the partner, holding the upright position of the sit up in order to wait for the toss back from the partner. The weight of the medicine ball makes these Medicine Ball Sit Ups exercises for stomach muscles more challenging, as does the time needed to hold the upright position.

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