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In the search for worthwhile exercises for stomach muscles you may come across a host of things you had previously never heard of. For example, you may have never heard of Kettlebells, which are weighted exercise devices often used by boxers. Or maybe you have heard of Kettlebells and did not really think of them as facilitating worthwhile exercises for stomach muscles. Yet, while the Kettlebell Swing, the most common Kettlebell exercise, is said to be beneficial for toning the chest and arms, it may also be counted among some of the more effective exercises for stomach regions.

To do a Kettlebell Swing one simply chooses a Kettlebell that weighs a manageable amount for him or her and stands with feet spread shoulder width apart, holding the Kettlebell with both hands hanging in front. Then in a squat like motion the individual bends his or her knees, lowering the upper body. When raising the body again by straightening out the knees, the individual also swings the Kettlebell upward and outward, at least until the arms are parallel to the ground and stretched out horizontally in front of the body. The abs are implicated in this motion seemingly by the lowering and raising motion of the upper body but potentially also in the sheer act of remaining balanced during the routine. So, as you look for exercises for stomach regions, do not discount the use of Kettlebells as a viable option.

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