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The Jackknife is an ab toning exercise that involves the use of an inflatable yoga ball and that may be able to help participants target their oblique muscles along the sides of their midsections. While many exercises for stomach muscles primarily target the central abdomen, the Jackknife is one that could prove to be more versatile. Here is how the Jackknife is performed.

To do a Jackknife one must put his or her body in what basically amounts to a push up position. However, the key difference is the use of the inflatable yoga ball, on which the participant’s shins rest. This allows the ball to roll underneath the legs while the participant raises his or her buttocks up into the air, literally jackknifing the body, so to speak. The ball will roll until it ends up underneath the participant’s toes, then he or she can lower the buttocks, roll the ball back under the shins, only to repeat these exercises for stomach muscles over and over again. A full set of Jackknife repetitions should be quite challenging and should also help participants get in better control of their abdominal toning plans. Along with other exercises for stomach regions, the Jackknife represents at least one viable approach to midsection toning and strengthening.

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