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Half Curl

As folks look for worthwhile exercises for stomach muscles, they may want to go beyond the basic crunch. The Half Curl is not much different than a basic crunch, but it may help people avoid some of the pitfalls associated with the normal crunch and sit up routines. Exercises for stomach regions should be effective at toning and firming, but they should also refrain from straining the joints and other muscles, which can be a problem when it comes to crunches and sit ups, as participants often end up pulling on their heads and necks during the routine. Listen to how the Half Curl is done in order to see how it may surpass some other exercises for stomach muscles simply by virtue of its potential to stave off injury.

The Half Curl is done almost exactly like a basic crunch, with the individual lying on the floor with knees bent and feet flat. However, rather than placing the hands on one’s chest or behind the head, the individual rests his or her palms on the thighs, with arms stretched out forward. Then, when the individual lifts his or her shoulders a few inches off the ground, as one would do in a normal crunch, he or she avoids the temptation to pull and strain. The individual lifts until his or her palms reach the knees and makes sure to keep his or her chin up. So, as you can see, regular implementation of the Half Curl may prove to be effective for many folks.

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