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Front Squats with Barbell

Squats certainly have a reputation for being worthwhile leg and buttocks exercises. But some people count one particular squat routine, Front Squats with Barbell equipment, among the best exercises for stomach muscles. Does that seem odd? Well, considering how these routines are performed might shed some light on how Front Squats with Barbell equipment might be numbered alongside some other more traditional exercises for stomach muscles.

To do Front Squats with Barbell equipment the individual stands with legs spread apart and the weighted barbell resting on his or her chest, just below the shoulders. The barbell is kept there by the individual crossing his or her arms over the bar and hanging on tightly. Then the individual performs an otherwise normal squat repetition, bending the knees and lowering the upper body slowly, only to raise it back up again. Repeating this motion over and over again will tone and strengthen the legs, but it will also, as some fitness trainers claim, tone the midsection because these muscles help the body remain stable during the squats. It is for this reason that the rather challenging Front Squats with Barbell workout can be called one of a number of exercises for stomach regions.

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