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Crossover Crunch

Finding the right exercises for stomach regions involves knowing what you want to achieve. For folks who wish to not only target their central abdominal muscles but also the obliques and other side abdominal muscles, the Crossover Crunch may be worth considering. The Crossover Crunch is not difficult to learn, but doing it over and over again should be challenging. However, we all know that exercises for stomach muscles or any other area of the body need to be challenging in order to facilitate the kind of strengthening, firming, and toning we intend to achieve through their implementation.

Crossover Crunches begin like just about any other crunch with back and feet flat on the floor and legs bent at the knees. Yet, before actually crunching, the participant crosses one leg over the other with the ankle resting on the other leg’s thigh. From this position the participant can do somewhat twisted crunches so that he or she touches the knee of that crossed leg with the elbow of the opposite arm, left to right and right to left. After performing a particular number of these exercises for stomach muscles, the individual switches sides and performs an equal number of reps. Doing these Crossover Crunches regularly is one way to put into practice some potentially effective exercises for stomach muscles without needing to buy any external equipment or visit a gym.

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