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Captain's Chair

Like many other fitness apparatuses, the Captain’s Chair gets its name from its appearance. The device looks somewhat like a grand chair, and so one day someone probably called it a Captain’s Chair and the name stuck. The ab toning workout performed with this apparatus gets its name, of course, from the apparatus itself, and this, too, is not uncommon among exercises for stomach muscles. The Captain’s Chair workout is a fairly challenging regimen that may help a person focus on toning and strengthening the lower ab muscles. Here is how this particular ab workout is done.

The Captain’s Chair apparatus is a large metal frame with two horizontal armrests. By getting up into the chair and placing one’s forearms on the armrests, the individual can suspend his or her lower body so that he or she is essentially hanging from the apparatus. Doing the Captain’s Chair exercises for stomach muscles essentially entails bringing both thighs upward toward the ceiling, bending at both the hips and knees. Slowly repeating the motion over and over again should prove to be a fairly challenging way to do exercises for stomach toning and strengthening, but could be difficult for beginner fitness enthusiasts.

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