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Cable Crunch

As you, like many other people, search for exercises for stomach muscles, you may come across a routine known as the Cable Crunch. At first it might be unclear what this workout actually entails. However, a brief explanation should suffice. While many exercises for stomach regions do not require any external equipment, the Cable Crunch is one that does. In order to perform this routine you need to own or have access to a strength training device that features a pull down bar attached to a variable weight stack or other form of variable resistance via a cable.

To perform a Cable Crunch, you would kneel on the ground in front of the pull down station with your upper body upright. Holding onto the pull down bar as it hangs just above your head, you would then bend your body at the waist, bringing your shoulders toward the floor and working against the resistance of the pull down bar and whatever its cable is attached to. You pick your desired level of weight or resistance in order to make sure that these exercises for stomach muscles are truly challenging for your body. Along with bending straight downward, you can bend toward either side in order to target different abdominal muscle groups. Regularly doing various kinds of Cable Crunch repetitions may suit your ab toning needs and help you achieve your goals.

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