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Britney Spears Ab Workout

Our culture undoubtedly places too much emphasis on celebrity status. This tendency is to the detriment of our own self images as well as, sometimes, the lives of celebrities who end up feeling driven to various semblances of perfection. All of this being said, if someone is successful at something, it is natural to want to emulate him or her. This appears to be the case with Britney Spears, whose ability to stay in shape has inspired many individuals to try to figure out which exercises for stomach muscles Spears employs. One online video claims to provide the secrets in this regard, and it is called the Britney Spears Ab Workout revealed video.

The Britney Spears Ab Workout revealed video features a fitness expert known as Stephen Cabral, who offers some insights on the exercises for stomach muscles he says Britney uses. The Britney Spears Ab Workout is apparently a four part regimen that involves basic crunches, bicycle crunches, the vertical leg raise, and the twisted side crunch. It seems as though Spears, or at least Cabral, combines these four exercises for stomach muscles because they have the potential to work on toning not only the central abdominal muscles but also the oblique muscles along the sides, as well as the lower abs. If you can do as many fifty reps of each workout, which Cabral claims Britney does regularly, it seems that you may find success in your toning efforts.

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