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Basic Crunch

If there is one routine among the many exercises for stomach muscles that is more popular than any other, it is surely the Basic Crunch. Some time ago the crunch seemingly overtook the sit up as the most prevalent belly workout, probably because when performed correctly the Basic Crunch places less stress and strain on the back and neck. As with most other exercises for stomach muscles, Basic Crunches really need to be done consistently in order to produce real results, and they must also be done the right way. Here is a brief look at what constitutes a good Basic Crunch repetition.

The Basic Crunch begins with the individual lying flat on the ground belly up. With legs bent at the knees, so as to keep the feet flat on the floor, the individual puts his or her hands behind or even beside the head. The key is to not grab onto the back of one’s head, which engenders the pulling motion that makes a crunch less effective and more likely to cause strain. The individual then flattens the small of his or her back against the floor while tightening the abs. Keeping the chin raised up off the chest, the individual lifts the shoulder blades just a few inches off the floor. The Basic Crunch is proof that exercises for stomach regions need not be complicated. Repeating this simple workout over again should help folks tone and firm muscles.

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