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Alternating Supine Leg Walk

If you do not know already, you will soon learn that the ab exercise field is crowded with options. For example, the Alternating Supine Leg Walk is one of many exercises for stomach muscles that require no external equipment, only the participant’s body and his or her knowledge of the workout’s form. This particular workout may be worthwhile for individuals who want to learn exercises for stomach firming but who also want a significant challenge in their regular workout routine. Here is how you perform the Alternating Supine Leg Walk.

The Alternating Supine Leg Walk is done while lying belly up on the floor with your hands tucked underneath your backside. Slowly bringing your legs upward toward the sky, you raise them until they are vertical and perpendicular to the floor. Lowering one leg at a time until it nearly touches the floor, you alternate between both legs, holding the lowest position, which is about 3 or 4 inches off the floor, for a few seconds during each repetition. Though the legs are the prime moves of this workout, like some other exercises for stomach regions, the Alternating Supine Leg Walk uses your leg weight in order to isolate the muscles of the midsection and provide potentially worthwhile toning benefits.

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