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Ab Crunch on Ball

Sometimes the simplest can be the best things. Some people feel that way about exercise balls, since they are turning to these basic inflatable orbs rather than to the many complex products and programs designed to help facilitate exercises for stomach muscles. The fitness or yoga ball, as it is often called, can be used to perform various muscle toning workouts such as abdominal crunches. Ab Crunches on Ball equipment may be helpful insofar as they are somewhat more challenging than normal crunches, at least for some people, and because they may implicate specific abdominal muscles or combinations thereof.

Like many other exercises for stomach flattening and firming, ab crunches on ball require that individuals take a bit of time learning how to do them correctly. This particular routine starts with the participant sitting on the fitness ball with feet on the floor. Then, being careful not to lose balance, the participant rolls the ball up his or her back so that the back is horizontal while resting on the top of the ball. From this position the individual simply performs otherwise normal crunches while keeping feet flat on the floor. By requiring more muscle involvement for balance purposes and using a unique position, these Ab Crunches on Ball may be one of a few exercises for stomach muscles individuals consider doing.

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